October 2, 2015


I am a supporter of benevolent meditation and the great benefits it brings both to the emittor of good wishes and to the receiver. As fall rolls in and the cold comes down, I find myself in need of more warmth, comfort and love. And sometimes I lose sight of those needs while my mind is captured by other thoughts I don’t always control. So today, I’m projecting my loving kindness onto… myself.

May you be healthy, strong and true to yourself.

May you run free, light, careless and happy.

May you surround your friends with love and affection.

Enjoy the present moment, live in it and revel.

When you feel down, raise your head up and look at the Nature that surrounds you, everywhere.

Keep being a seeker.

Nourish your inner child, play with him and marvel at life.

Walk away from anger.

Offer no response to manipulation, blackmail and attempts to control your life.

Shine your inner light.

Look outside at the roaming hawks and soar.

Give and never count.

May your sleep bring peaceful, replenishing dreams.

May you feel the wind under your wings.

May you breathe pure and deep.

I love you.

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