May 24, 2020

Korima Run Day 8 - Jess Soco - One more day

The Korima Run was supposed to end yesterday, but one of my scheduled friends couldn't make it and I didn't want to miss an opportunity to run with her.

Jess Soco is an amazing woman in many ways. A true free spirit, an excellent runner and an all-around lovely person, she has seen thousands of miles of trails in the most gorgeous of places. She is an accomplished ultra-runner and thru-hiker, and for me, she illustrates what it means to be dedicated to Nature and the trails.

Among many moments we spent together, Jess happened to share some of the very best days of my life, some time ago when we met at Across The Years, a multi-day running event where I was supposed to work the kitchen and aid station and ended up also running my very first 100-miler.

Jess and I at Across the Years 2013/14

And it's with this particular memory that I ran today, in spirit with my Mas Loco sister whom I celebrate for her generosity and her loving, kind nature. Jess makes my world a better place, and it's always a pleasure to cross her path, or just open my Facebook and look what she's up to or which beautiful place she chose for her day. She lives and breathes freedom, and she's an inspiration for me to go out and do the things I love.

My friend, you are beautiful inside and out and I hope that we get to share many more adventures in wonderful places. Keep walking your path, I'll always follow you, up close or afar. Thank you for everything, and always, always Run Free!

May 23, 2020

Korima Run Day 7 - My New-York family

For the last official day of the Korima Run, I had a real treat planned, thanks to my friend Alan Wegener. He's one of the many Leatherman's Loop runners who've become my New-York family since 2012, when I was supposed to experience my very first Loop with Caballo Blanco. Fate, obviously, decided otherwise and when I told the race organizer, El Copadre Tony, that I wouldn't attend because the grief was too heavy, he said to please come anyway and join them. And it was one of the best things that happened to me in these times.

Because of the Loop, I got to meet all these wonderful, colorful new people and they've been in my life ever since. So when Alan read about the Korima Run, he sent me a message and we coordinated this little Saturday morning shenanigan. He gathered with a group of runners, among which Jugglin' Joe Cloidt and Lee Willett, and I contacted them before our mutual runs for a surprise little morning chat :)

As always, everyone was in a good mood and it was great to be in touch with kindred spirits. Karine was here with me, and got to tele-meet everyone for the first time. The sun was up, at least on my end, and we spent the run talking about the Leatherman's Loop, how I got there and all the positive it brought in my life.

So thank you Alan, for always being around, always having a good word and always being a friend of the Raramuri. Thank you New-York runners for your spirit and your support, may you run free and happy. Thank you for showing our friends that they have friends all over this world.

May 22, 2020

Korima Run Day 6 - Theland Kicknosway - Walk in a good way

Day 6 was a day with difficulties. Karine's foot isn't so great after all, and running won't be a good idea for a couple days. So we went out, but we walked instead.

It reminded me of something my friend Theland said sometimes, when we ran his Spirit Run between Ottawa and Kitigan Zibi; when we would walk, we would share thoughts and ideas and he would say "We walk in a good way". This is both a beautiful and a very meaningful expression.

There are many ways to walk. But when you go out with the intention of breathing fresh air, staying healthy and enjoying the outdoors, when you do it with love in your heart, when you have kind thoughts for your loved ones, you do it in a good way.

So that's what we did. We held hands and talked and watched the trees and the birds and the running water. And we had good thoughts. Like Theland taught me.

Theland Kicknosway is one of these young people who make our world better just by being themselves and following their own path. As a young Cree and Potawatomi, he goes about the world with his feet deeply rooted in culture. He is an accomplished singer, and traditional hoop dancer.

Thank you for having me in your circle, Theland. And thank you for the wonderful gift of seeing you grow up, evolve and become the great young man that you are!

Meegwetch, my friend.