September 21, 2015

My Credo

The purpose of life is learning. This is achieved through intellectual, social and emotional experiences.

Freedom and peace should be humankind’s common goals.

All Humans are absolute equals, regardless of any difference they might have.

The fuel for most evil in this world is the concept of possession.

Most negative behaviors are rooted in fear and ignorance.

A hug will always surpass criticism.

In every situation, strive to be open, respectful and humble.

There is very little control over anything in life.

Have no expectations and enjoy things for what they are in the present moment.

Love in its many forms makes you rich and happy.

What you think, wish and envision has an influence on the material world around you.

Kindness should always be your first choice.

Life in all its forms should be subject to deference and respect.

Strive to have good health, a strong body and a clear mind.

Forgive unconditionally.

Show emotion.

Be yourself.


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