August 7, 2014

Review : Skechers GoMeb Speed 2

  • Type : Neutral shoe
  • Use : Road running
  • Price : $115

The GoMeb Speed 2 is the next generation in the GoMeb series. The shoe is designed with competition in mind and feels like a more cushioned version of a traditional racing flat. Like its predecessors in the “Go” series, the outsole features the pod system, which is intended to offer some slight motion control without the use of complex mechanisms. The presence of the signature “stability plate” inside the sole almost questions if this shoe can be deemed neutral, but the overall lightweight and flexibility leave little to ponder about the GoMeb’s minimalist design philosophy.

Road test
When I tested the first model, I’d taken the guess that the GoMeb would be suitable for long runs on roads, which sadly I couldn’t try for myself since my feet inexplicably changed sizes last year. So this time around, I took the GoMeb Speed 2’s exclusively on longer runs, namely a 30K daily commute to and back from work.

The speed sensation and lightness are definitely the key elements of the shoe. I also very much liked the new construction of the upper, which feels like they applied a flexible varnish on the pressure points to make them stronger. Add very minimal stitching and you get a shoe that is ultra light, ultra flexible and very comfortable.

There are really good things about Skechers that apply to almost all their products. The Resalyte material is the most obvious; a feather-light sole material that has just the right bounce without taking anything away from total flexibility. In this perspective, the GoMeb delivers fully.

The pod system, called GoImpulse sensors, however, had a strange effect on my feet. It seemed some of the pods would push up through the sole against my arches and cause some aches over longer distances (60K and beyond). This was confirmed when I wore the GoMeb’s daily on a recent trip to Europe, which involved long hours of walking and standing.

Although I think the pod system is clever and well-placed in more supportive models like the GoRun, I’m not sure what it delivers in a shoe that has speed in its DNA. By definition, if you buy and use racing flats, you don’t require the shoe to have any form of motion control. Stability should not be a component of a racer; flex and freedom should be put forward.

With that said, I think the GoMeb Speed 2 is an excellent shoe for shorter road runs, in the 5K to half-marathon range. It has more material under your foot than a typical racing flat, which adds a welcome addition of comfort without feeling any more bulky. I will definitely keep and use it for fast road races and shorter daily commutes.

High points
  • Resalyte, as always
  • Simply built, yet very comfortable
  • Comfier than a pure racing flat
  • Can’t argue with the price tag

Low points
  • The use of the pod system is questionable

The equipment for this personal review was supplied by Skechers, free of charge, without any conditions.


  1. Merci pour le test. Je cours toutes les distances avec les Go Bionic 2 et ce sont les meilleures souliers que j'ai jamais eus. Remarquable amélioration par rapport au Bionic 1. J'ai essayé les Gomeb 2 à l'expo de Boston et je les trouvais trop étroit dans le toe box.

  2. Merci! C'est vrai que le toe box est plus étroit. Dans mon cas, c'est la "stability plate" et les petits "pods" qui m'ont finalement un peu déplu, et qui me font préférer le GoBionic, aussi. C'est d'ailleurs le sujet de mon prochain review :)

  3. Cool! Can't wait for your Go Bionic 2 review! Je les adore sans limites. Pour mon pied et ma foulée, ça frole la perfection.