March 30, 2012

Caballo Blanco Search And Rescue Operation

(Friday, March 30, 3:00 pm) - Search and rescue efforts are fully operational in the Gila area to find Micah True. Information is trickling, but here are some of the most recent developments :

- We were informed that hi-tech equipment has been put to contribution to try and locate Micah in the wilderness from the air, while the search on foot was underway. Infra-red scanning equipment was used to attempt to pick up Micah's heat signature. The scan yielded no results yet.

- After an unsuccessful attempt yesterday, Micah's dog has been brought to the trails again, this time with pieces of clothing in an attempt to pick up a scent.

- Local outdoors experts, outfitters and residents have been hard at work as early as Wednesday. They haven't stopped the search at night time and are sparing no effort to find our friend.

- More Mas Locos are on their way to the search headquarters to lend a hand.

- For the moment, the S&R command center says they have enough people on site to conduct an efficient operation. Backup lists have also been created if prolonged efforts should become necessary.

- Only consider going to the site if you are well-equipped, experienced and autonomous. That includes your own food and shelter, lighting, clothing for warm and cold weather (70's in the day, 20's at night) and all proper gear and footwear.

- More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Your good words, prayers and thoughts warm the hearts of the worried.


  1. J'envoie mon énergie à cet homme que tu apprécie tant.J'espère qu'ils le retrouveront sain et sauf.


  2. Praying for Micah's safe return. I wish I could be there to help. Thanks so much Flint for posting the best updates.