August 2, 2010

I Still Dream of You

It’s been years, I know,
Since the first time our paths joined.

Never before had I met someone like you,
Calm, serene, gracious and sensual,
You are beautiful.

It took some time for us both
To get closer, to give this all a chance
In our own way,
We were both fragile, broken and afraid

What we discovered was an absolute wonder
You felt my strength and my will,
And I received your tenderness and your trust
What was unsure and bruised started to heal and bloom

The bond that was created
Never weakened or faded
Even when we went our separate ways
And with the passage of other companions

When life gets calm around me
In my travels, or in alone times
I always come back to you

You extend a hand
Put it softly on my cheek, like you always have
Your tender smile and your look upon me
Still spring the same feeling of peace
Still bring me home

What I have said to you once, I still mean
And will for the rest of my life
You’ve never left and I’ve never turned away

The bond remains,
Because I still dream of you.


  1. Siempre supe que a pesar de lo que decias, eres un eterno romantico.


  2. Hehehehe,

    Gracias, mi amigo, but don't tell anyone ;)