July 14, 2010


I want to sit at the edge of water
I yearn for my feet to rest
Let my rolling thoughts
Crash on the shore below

I need to lay my bag down
Quiet dissonant voices
Slowly glide through my chaos
Let my loose ends fly free

I am careless and irresponsible
Delightfully roaming about
Looking for a flow to follow
And at peace in randomness

Like calligraphy drawn from water
I fade swiftly without a trace
I exist only for the moment
I am impactless

As I close my eyes and retract inside
I deconstruct away in the four winds
No bonds hold me together
I am reshuffled

Large space between my pieces
I won’t gather back
I’ll stay afloat and light
As I start walking again
On my endless winding path.

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