August 10, 2010

For A Friend

You are a good friend.
Family to me.
You’re fun loving and festive
You’ve got a loud mouth and a big heart

I don’t know why
You have to endure such heavy clouds
Darkening the new horizon
You’d set out to reach

There is no explaining
The obstacles suddenly rising
All that remains now is uncertainty
Apprehension and disorientation

Please don’t fear, my friend
The days ahead of you
You are not alone

I will not try to fill
This chaotic void
With shallow phrases
Common places

I wish upon you
Strength, calm and will
So whatever comes your way
You can take with serenity

Never forget, my brother
You are surrounded with an invisible force
It is a fortress of love and friendship
With walls indestructible

Whether the hours grow dark
Or the path clears ahead
No matter what you face
We will be by your side.

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