March 7, 2012

Fast News On The Way Back

Friends of FlintLand,

I have to start by apologizing for not having updated my blog during the whole adventure of the Copper Canyons Ultramarathon. Internet was virtually non-existent from my arrival in Urique.

The news could not be better : I am now officially a Mas Loco, having completed the 50+ mile course in 12 hours and change. But more importantly, I reached my ultimate goal of doing it with a smile on my face :)

I made great friends along the way and I'm bringing back incredible stories and memories.

For now, I'll take a couple days off in Mazatlan before returning to Montreal. I feel great and quite fresh considering the difficulty of the course, the high heat and the finisher rate.

I can't wait to be back and start sharing stories. Until then, I am sending you a photo of one of the last great panoramas while leaving the Canyons in thd El Chepe train.

See you all soon,


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