A little collection of running adventures and moments.

My first run for 2015, in the snowy forests of Gaspésie.
Crown King Scramble
Best DNF ever! This is what happens when you get picked up and offered a lift to the finish line by crazy cool offroad maniacs :)
Friends Running Free
A short video of a couple runs leading to Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco 2013, in the Copper Canyons of Mexico. Shot with friends Olaf, Augusto, Donald, Joel, Patrick and Zac. Run free! Oso Test Run
I took the sandals for a spin down from the little town of El Naranjo in the Copper Canyons... A decision that led me to start wearing sandals for endurance events.
Leatherman's Loop
Mud, friendship, laughter, connection, music, food, fun... In no particular order! Ba, Caballo Blanco A video tribute to a man I admire and a friend I lost way too quickly.

Running With Caballo Blanco
A story of my encounter with Micah True, and 5 amazing weeks of travel that would change my life forever.
Green Mountains
My first run in what would become a favorite summer running spot in Quebec.
Gatineau 2012
An awesome wekend of autumn running with Olaf, Augusto and Eric.√Čtudiants dans la course (Students on the run)
A non-profit organization that helps vulnerable teens get in better shape and regain some self-confidence by starting to run and train... up to running a full marathon. I volunteered two years with EDLC as a mentor.

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