Listed below are race reports and running adventures the world over. My goal is that this page eventually scrolls down until your fingers are blue :)

Back From The Barrancas

Plan F

Magic, Misery And Coming Full Circle : Pandora 24H Ultra

Raw Inspiration : Finish With Us, America

On The Importance Of Running

Why I Run

Friends, Space And Beauty : Pandora 24H Ultra

Whiskey Jerry, A Raramuri And The Marshmallow Man Walk Onto A Ranch... (BTR 2014 - 50K)

Best. DNF. Ever. : Crown King Scramble - 50K

Epic : Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco 2014 - 80K

Jungle Madness : Fuego Y Agua Ultra - 50K

The Story Of My Very Unlikely First 100 (Across The Years 2014)

Red Rock Mountain Marathon

Pass Mountain 2013 - 50K

The Arizona Trail

Mazatzal 30K

Javelina Jundred - Jopes And Jardships - 100M

Running With The Navajo - Canyon De Chelley - 55K

Javelina Jangover
- 50K

Hunter Gatherer Ultra And Survival Run

Water is Life - Paatuwaqatsi 50K

Santa Barbara Nine Trails Ultra

West Spanish Peak, Colorado

Leadville 100 Beer Mile

The Train Of Life

Bear Mountain 2013 - 50K

Beauty All Around (Leatherman's Loop 2013)

Freedom, Magic And Healing (Ultramarathon Caballo Blanco 2013 - 80K)

Sonja's Run

The Natural Running Technique

Limberlost Challenge Ultra 2012 - 56K

Like The Wind (Born To Run Ultra - 100K)

Running With Caballo Blanco

The Messenger

"Todos Son Ganadores"


The Twitter Road Race

Shod, Barefoot : A Runner's Manifesto

Another Year, Another Miracle (Montreal Marathon)

Urban Runner

Unreal (the story of my first ultramarathon)

Soggy (the story of my first half-marathon)

My SpartanRace

A Running Moment


  1. You are a liar and a piece of shit. Come to ATY 16-17.

    1. I don't know what makes you say that or what makes you think your aggression is OK. It's not.