November 13, 2016

Witness Haiti - 1 - The Dragonfly Chronicles

My love is gone. I'm sitting here, basking in the irony that we've just found each other and that she left this morning half way around the world for two months.

You could say she got the call about three weeks ago to travel down to Haiti for a disaster relief mission, but the truth is, she got the call very early in life to help her fellow Human brothers and sisters. The Dragonfly has a heart of gold, and I need not to be selfish and let the world benefit from it, too.

She has gone to extend a friendly hand, and to bear witness to the People of Haiti's struggle through harsh conditions made worse by the passage of hurricane Matthew. Funny thing, to give catastrophes familiar names. Like it can make them somehow more bearable.

She's stepping into the unknown, armed with only her good will and hope.

I tried all I could to join in and help, but it seems she has to be on her own, at least for now. So we decided I'd help by supporting the witness part of her mission. For the coming eight weeks and as much as communication is possible, FlintLand will serve as her chronicle, and I as a relay for us all to learn more about the situation in Haiti, from someone on the very front line.

We burned some sage together as she was leaving, thanked each other for all the blessings we share, and hugged one last time before we are reunited again. Until then, may this journal become a link we all share.

Godspeed, my love.

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