November 10, 2016

Let's Talk

I don’t want to talk about politics.

I want to talk about community. About the importance of being a friendly face to your neighbors, to your fellow citizens and to the stranger you cross in a random place. I want to highlight the power of a friendly hand extended in the haze of the unknown, of a smile offered freely without any expectation in return. I want to emphasize the strength of the words “welcome”, “thank you”, “together”, or “us”.

I don’t want to talk about anger.

I want to talk about love, felt and expressed in your heart in the face of harshness. Love as a true power to oppose fear, hatred and violence. Love as a brave display of Humanity, as a moral beacon offered openly to be witnessed by all. Love as a basis for your life and for your interactions with others.

I don’t want to talk about division.

I want to talk about oneness. I want to press the realization that we are all together, united in the Human experience, connected by the choices we make and the effects they generate. We cannot thrive when others hurt. We cannot prosper when others struggle to survive. We cannot enjoy freedom and happiness if others suffer rejection and oppression. True, fulfilling wealth can only be reached as a community, as a shared result of compassion, connection and integration.

I don’t want to talk about hatred.

I want to talk about how critically important it is to be tolerant, respectful and open to others. About the importance of disagreeing, and then discussing, sharing opinions and ideas, debating, and generally contributing to each other’s points of view, values and knowledge. I want to suggest that the world is not binary, black and white, left or right. Our experience as Humans has very little to do with us as individuals, and is way more about us being active members of a thriving community fed by differences, ideas, values, creativity and visions that stimulate our thoughts and challenge our minds.

Now is not the time to shut ourselves, to point our fingers and to be played into fear, loathing and self-righteousness. It is time to face a System built to divide and conquer, and to join our hands and hearts, no matter how hard, and opt for connection.

Because that’s where the true, absolute, positive power of the masses resides.

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  1. Ton cœur est PLEIN d'amour mon Chum...❤️❤️❤️