July 11, 2016

Caribou Legs

Brad Firth, AKA Caribou Legs
I want to introduce someone you might not have heard about, someone who is doing something amazing right now and someone I think you would benefit in knowing and following.

His name is Caribou Legs and he is one of the Running People, an ultra runner from the Gwich’in Nation of the Canadian Northwest Territories. He is a Warrior For Peace.

Caribou Legs is running across Canada right now to attract attention on Canada’s terrible tragedy of violence against indigenous women all over our country. Since the 1960's, over 600 of them have gone missing, way too often with a complacent response from the authorities. This is a shame. 

One step at a time, he is encouraging peace and healing through the humble act of running. He is also symbolically leaving behind a past of alcohol and substance abuse, of loss and of despair to run Eastward and meet the rising sun. He is traveling on his own through the unknown, relying on his two legs and on the generosity of the people he crosses along the way.

Like more and more across the world, Caribou Legs is a man standing up for women and vowing to honor, protect and celebrate them, away from all forms of violence. His journey for peace is uplifting and inspiring, and I invite anyone who can help him along the way to show the kind of solidarity and sharing the world needs so much right now.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrrE0fJgS9sI write this to honor this man, but I also do it to create a connection and make you aware of his great journey. So we can all be inspired to be, think and live better.

I will be following him on his journey and keeping you up to date as well. You can also connect directly through his Facebook and or his GoFundMe campaign.

Last Saturday, a group of mountain runners I shared many miles with dedicated their morning run to Caribou Legs, celebrated his spirit and sent some thoughts of resilience and strength. I invite you to do the same.

Run long, light and free, brother.



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  1. What is Brad Firth's snail mail address? home.community@gmail.com