December 10, 2015

Review : Luna Sandals Origen
  • Type : Barefoot / Minimal
  • Use : All-arounder
  • Price : $98

My relationship with Luna Sandals started in their early days, not so much because of the product but because of the people. The Lunatics are very good friends, inspiring runners and adventurers always on the move. At some point, I figured they had to be on to something with their modern-day huarache, so I gave it a shot. And soon realized the running sandal is a very unique concept, perfectly aligned with my vision of healthy running.

The Origen
This sandal is very symbolic, as it is the first Luna product to actually feature the key element of the traditional Raramuri sandal; tire tread. Like its millennial relative, I expected the Origen to be prohibitively heavy, and was very pleased to find out that it’s not. Although it is definitely heavier than other models, the sandal doesn’t bring up a lead foot impression when you put it on. I didn’t expect the Origen to feel like a running sandal, but once I had them on, my first idea was to take them out for a spin.

Cactus spines
from the Arizonian desert
didn't stand a chance against
the Origen's tire tread soles
Road / trail test
I have to mention that my trail running sandal of choice is the Oso, the one that has, in my personal opinion, the best grip and the best comfort of all Luna models. The Origen doesn’t offer the same amount of flex and grip, so it became obvious that I wouldn’t use it on trails as much. The revelation, however, came when I tried it on asphalt; this is the perfect sandal for street running! The under sole won’t wear out (probably ever) under the friction and heat, and the relative overall stiffness serves as a good reminder that pavement is no environment to be a lazy runner. Like all Luna products, the Origen somehow “forces” the quick, short stride that is so beneficial to my running form.

Those who’ve been following me over the past months know I’ve been struggling with a nagging knee pain. I am now convinced that this was a form-related injury, as I’ve not experienced any pain with my running since I’ve been using the Lunas (Oso and Origen) as my main footwear, weather allowing (I live in Canada, sadly). I’ve gotten back to the point where I’m planning an ultra running season again, feeling confident about my fitness and my body being ready for more adventures.

The only one thing I need to get figured out is the chaffing caused by some of the stitching on the top of the ATS straps. The Luna fabric logo and the area where the plastic buckle rests are two heavy friction spots on my feet, which will eventually blister and bleed if I pass, say, the 20K mark.

The Luna Origen is a “classic” sandal, in that it offers the ATS lacing system with a removable tech strap (an extra velcro strap you use for a tighter fit, when hiking or running on technical terrain) and a flat bed that will eventually mold to your underfoot. The big takeaway here is the tire tread, which promises to last a very long time and adds a welcome stiffness. Whether you already own a pair of trail Lunas and are looking for another model to save your precious under sole grip, or you’re looking to buy your first pair of sandals and want the best all-arounder, I think the Origen is a sound choice that will accompany you in many, many adventures.

High points
  • Under sole looks unbreakable
  • Excellent multi-use sandal
  • Tech strap is a nice add-on

Low points
  • Still a couple kinks with strap stitching friction
  • Some may find it a bit heavy
  • It is stiffer than other models (I actually think that’s a good thing)


  1. I have been wearing my Origens almost daily since I got them in August. Definitely one of my favorites from Luna. As for the irritation where the Luna logo is, I usually have to fix a similar problem with each pair I get. I just take a nail file to the back of the logo and around the edges to smooth over the sharp areas.

    1. Hello are your sandals still going strong,is the sole still good