March 24, 2015

Why I Run


I run for health.

I run to make every step matter, to fill my eyes with the beauty of nature. I run to slow down and think, to feel instead of rationalizing. The crunch of my feet against the surface of Mother Earth gives meaning to my being out here.

I run for silence.

It’s the only time I feel the noise I make is fully part of something larger, better, balanced. I give and receive sounds that stay with me long after I’m back. Sometimes, I get so sunk in that it’s hard for me to pull out of the silence and deal with the real noise of the busy, confused and disconnected world I come from.

I run for peace.

I was born angry. I spent years banging on the walls inside myself, crying out in rage and despair. The first step I take outside, for a run, is also a step outside of these inner walls. It’s a true gesture of venturing, a commitment I make every time to reach out and assume my deeper nature.

I run for discovery.

It’s my non-verbal way of reaching out. Very often, it is through this simple gesture that I connected with other humans who’ve become friends, family, kin. I was recognized by others who welcomed me with open arms and hearts, sharing their own journeys and passions. It’s my entry into an alternate world of beauty, humility and compassion.

I run to live.

Je cours pour la santé, le silence, la paix et la découverte. je cours pour vivre.

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  1. I could have written this myself. I wouldn't have used the word "run." I would have used the word "yoga"- since that's when I find my clarity. The part about being born angry and banging on the walls inside yourself resonated me with me on a subconscious level---because I know they're true for me also. THANK YOU for writing this!