March 30, 2015

On The Importance Of Running

The Raramuri are The Lightfooted Ones. In their heart, in their Land and in their bodies, running flows like a sacred blood which ties them to the Earth, to themselves and to their environment. Using their own feet to transport themselves, they acquire a level of freedom and health that is a true reward and a treasure of wisdom for all of Humanity.

As part of the so-called Modern World, we are taught that we possess the highest knowledge and technology. After meeting the Raramuri and other Running People, and after spending time with them, I'm not so sure anymore. Rooted deep in their running tradition, there's something more, something better, something that reminds me of what it means to be a real Human being.

Instead of depending on technology and machines, we could do like the Raramuri and depend on each other. Instead of acquiring ever-increasing amounts of material possessions, we should learn the treasure and value of sharing with others. Instead of traveling with hermetic, super fast machines, we should learn the life-changing experience of foot travel, at a speed that allows discovery and wonder at this world we inhabit. And instead of a fruitless pursuit of body image, we should learn to use our natural movements to keep our bodies, our minds and our souls healthy and thriving.

Through the simple, humble act of running, I bow to the ancient cultures and traditions of Humans who understood the importance of connecting our body to nature. I make myself available to new experiences that change the way I think, the way I look and the way I feel. By sharing the importance of running, I celebrate crucial ancient knowledge brought to me from time immemorial through the journey of many, often on the fringes of History, who nurtured and acted as stewards of a true treasure. Step, after step, after step.


This text was shared as a contribution to The Origins movie, by runner and Mas loco Mikko Ijäs. If you have a couple minutes to spare, I highly recommend you watch the movie trailer.


En pratiquant la course, je salue les traditions millénaires d'autres Humains qui, avant moi, ont parcouru les âges pour m'envoyer un message de la plus haute importance. Une foulée à la fois.

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