March 13, 2014

For Daniel


They carry the light of the world
They see all things with a new eye
Through their vulnerability and innocence
They bring out the very best in us.

They don't know poverty
Or segregation, or fear
Their language is universal
It speaks of wonder, amazement
And constant discovery.

They respond only to love
Care and tenderness
Smiling upon you with elation
They hold you with all the might
Of their small hands, never letting go.

Parents throughout the world
Have known this joy
And vowed, every day
Looking through shiny eyes
To always be there, come what may,
Caring and providing to their best.

And no matter how hard the task
No matter how strenuous the responsibility
Their efforts are washed away
By a single look, a single smile
From the ones they care for so much.

No one should suffer the loss
Such a link should never be broken
For this is the very essence of life
And none, even a remote witness,
Can ever stand the pain.

No child should ever die.

In memory of Daniel Moreno, 3 months, son of Javier and Catalina

Jamais, jamais, un enfant ne devrait mourir.

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