June 20, 2013

El Capitan : Ta-Daaaaa!

Well. it took 3 days of work, but the holes and the rust are gone, and so is that fugly gold color at the bottom of my rocker panels :)

If I'd known I would be that good with choosing a color match and the actual paint spraying, I would've done a much better job with the putty! I didn't botch it per say, but I was aiming more for a fast result than a top-quality look. Turns out, if the putty job had been flush and even, you'd think El Capitan was just out of a body shop.

I am quite pleased with the results :)

Just a little reminder of what things looked like not 2 days ago...

Are you ready? (Click for bigger pictures)

Like the British say... voilĂ .
Le passenger side.
Bye bye, rust!
It's not exactly Michelangelo, but it cost a little over $250 and a bit of elbow grease. It would've even been cheaper if I had not chosen color-match paint.

The end result is that the body should now last a least a couple more years and the van looks a little less trashy for border crossings and all. I have to say, I'm pretty proud :)

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