June 19, 2013

El Capitan : Pink, Crunchy Peanut Butter

I told you I was unfazed! I started up and early this morning by annoying the crap out of the neighbors with my sandpaper drillhead and, after the pink cloud of dust dissipated, with my stupid big grin; my plan works!

OK, let's not get overenthusiastic and think I can open a body shop. The rocker panels look like they are made out of pink cheese and melted a little bit in the sun, but hey! No rust, no holes :)

Look, mama: no holes!
I patched every single last one of them, sanded the most apparent parts and left the rest exactly as-is, because I'm going to spray the bottom of the van with asphalt coating anyway.

So tomorrow, one last bit of sanding, and then it's all masking tape, newspapers and paint :)

Or maybe I could paint the van pink?
That means if everything goes according to plan, El Capitan will have a brand new, shiny body just in time for my trip to Europe. With a little luck, I might even have time to give it a coat of wax or two.

This is not pro work and it looks a little crappy, but I'm proud anyway to have been able to fix my van!

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