December 2, 2012

The Running Event 2012 - Sunday

Out on the Green Belt trails in the first morning light
The show hasn't even started yet and I'm having a blast! I went for an early-morning run with UMCB co-director Josue Stephens and world-citizen Zoli Bihari in Austin's Green Belt, a beautiful park right in the center of town. I discovered very beautiful single-track trails and had a raspberry gel for breakfast atop a high boulder overlooking the dried-out riverbed.

We finished up our first 7-miler, headed for a close-by Whole Foods store to get second breakfast, then met more running people and headed down to Luke's Locker, an awesome running store close to the park. Scott Jurek was there to lead a run on some more trails, so we weren't going to miss out on that kinda fun! So we headed out for a second 7-miler :)

Scott was there to give a talk, sign some books and present his awesome new running vest he created for Ultimate Direction, a super light, very minimal pack that holds enormous amounts of liquids (up to 2 liters in the back bladder and 2 additional bottles in the front) and that features clever gel pockets and plenty more room to carry your stuff during long solo runs and ultras.

After the run, we hit downtown Austin for some sushi on a terrace. What an awesome feeling to be outside, on the first week of December, and to enjoy such beautiful, sunny weather. It's a true blessing that I'm really grateful for :)

The event begins tomorrow. I'll be reporting from there on Twitter (@flintportable), so you can follow the show all day long!

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