December 4, 2012

The Running Event 2012 - Monday

Turned out quieter than I expected. The show has started, but kind of slowly. We went to get everyone's badge and see what was happening at the Austin Convention Center. There was a lunch and some marketing presentation, and a little foreword by Bart Yasso from Runner's World. Josue and I didn't hang around for too long... the sun was out and we were itching to get back on the trails :)

So we snuck out and, went to get Josue's dog and headed for the park. He took me along a riverbed trail that slithered up and down on some pretty impressive rocks. They look volcanic, but they are very sharp. Most stick out of the ground and some smaller ones roll under you. To me, very technical.

I discovered first-hand why they call Josue The Wolverine. Not only is he fast and strong, he is also very nimble. I was amazed to look at him just fly over the trail, duck under trees and jump up and down like there's nothing to it. Compared to him, I felt as gracious as a drunk, one-legged hippo :)

We finished the run earlier because I snapped my left knee trying to keep up. It made a pretty scary creaking sound and I had some trouble bending my leg, but it settled after a couple minutes and we were able to run down an easier trail without any issues.

We picked up our friends Tom and Scott at the airport. Although I was bummed that Bookis couldn't make it, I was really happy to see Scott again. The last time we were together, we crossed the finish line of the Copper Canyons Ultra in pure magic. Maria came in a couple hours later and we all noisily got together around awesome burgers and beers downtown Austin. We skipped the Monday night mingling session altogether, and convened that we would have an early start Tuesday morning instead.

So today will be a big day. We'll have a group breakfast, attend a conference, go out for a run, come back and freshen up, then set up the Luna / Copper Canyon booth and get ready to meet you all at the Convention Center from 4:00 to 8:00 pm. If you're around, drop by and say hi... we have a great surprise for you there :)

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