April 3, 2012

Kuira Ba, Caballo Blanco


  1. Caballo wore many different hats, this video has opened my eyes more so as to the man he was.

  2. What a beautiful tribute. Unfortunately (for me) I never got to meet Micah so I only 'knew' him through BtR. I only discovered last month that he used facebook.
    It never occured to me to try to actually contact this seemingly mythical character of Caballo Blanco to thank him for changing my life by inspiring me to run..... I wish I had but maybe he knows now.
    Perhaps it is a measure of the man that perfect strangers like myself can feel so sad at his passing. My thoughts are with his friends and family. His life needs to tributes paid, Micah did all that himself by living. No Mas.

    Andy (Ireland)

    1. It REALLY is an awe-inspiring "phenomenon"(for lack of a better word) how this one man affected SO MANY that never had the opportunity to meet him. Christopher McDougall brought him to life and introduced us. Micah then offered his voice freely to us via the internets, and through my own few and brief FaceBook interactions, I was deeply impacted. And so it went with so many of us.
      It was his simple yet PROFOUND goodness....

      Personally, I have never experienced the death of someone i didn't really know like this before. I can't even imagine what his friends and family are going through.

      Yup. Living STRONG, running free, running happy, korima...he gave it all new meaning....

      Time will soothe.....and his voice is already carried on the shoulders of many who continue to inspire! So, thanks to you ALL...

  3. This is very touching, Andy, and yes. Now he knows. Run free and smile,


  4. I was lucky and met Micah in 2006 not knowing anything about him except that he was a guide in the Copper Canyon. While with him that week he talked about his life and dream for the Ultra Marathan in Urique. This was before he became famous. From what I have read he did not change much. At that time he also mentioned his Mother who lived near Fresno in Central California. If she is still alive(?) I feel sad for her loss as well.