March 31, 2012

Saturday - Search Report

(March 31st, 1:30pm) - Friends, there isn't much more to add than what we already know so far. There are now over a hundred poeple in the search, 32 teams, vehicles, equipment. Everything is being put to use.

- Great running champions are on-site, covering as much ground as humanly possible.

- Great professionals are in charge. They are methodical, calm and efficient.

- Friends and good hearts surround Micah's closest, offering support and care.

The only new piece of information we received is that witnesses actually saw Micah at some points in his runs, which confirms at least his presence on the site and some sense of the direction he might have taken.

Stay with us for more information, and remain with us praying for a safe return.


  1. Thanks for the update. There probably isn't a guy more capable of surviving a few days out there if there is any chance at all. I wish we could all be there to help. Good thoughts are with him, you and all involved.

  2. Flint, thanks for the updates.

    I'm following for the story for Runner's World; as you might imagine, lots of people are interested, and I've linked to your blog in our coverage.

    If you don't mind, could you write to me at I have a few questions for you to help with our coverage. Thanks.

    1. Scott, the email you gave me doesn't work.

      You can contact me again through here, or via Twitter : @flintportable

  3. Must be an injury or worse...otherwise the White Horse would have returned.

  4. I wish I could be there helping. I'll have to send my prayers instead. Praying for Micah's safe return.

  5. a very sad end to this story. my thoughts and prayers go to Micahs friends and family