April 23, 2010

Taking off

I woke up on my own
Today I won’t be a drone
Decided to skip work
I can’t wipe off my smirk

Made coffee and grilled bread
Was barely out of bed
Knew this day would be mine
Cause for once, I’ve got time

Packed my favourite stuff
Not too much, just enough
Fit it all into my pack
I’m leaving the beaten track

Stopped half way for a cigar
A glass of scotch from the bar
Sat on the porch under the sun
My daily life’s already gone

Played music all day long
Nothing but my favourite songs
I breathe deep and smile wide
I have friends by my side

I’ll finish up slow
Get ready to go
After a snack, I’ll go get Kaya
And leave smiling for Costa Rica :)

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