April 26, 2010

Meeting Costa Rica

It´s funny how I´ve become so reliant on my instincts for so many things in my life. When I decided to head down to Costa Rica, I couldn´t get myself to plan anything or to envision what the trip, or even the country itself, would actually be like. So I didn´t.

It put me in a strange state of mind, which I still have a hard time expressing at this moment. I usually am very eager, on a trip, to just go out an explore and be amazed. This time around, it´s different. I really only want to feel that time is passing slowly, that I am far away, that I bear no responsibility on the world.

And you know what? It´s working magic. I am blessed with traveling with such easygoers as Vez and Kaya, and a brand new friend we made on the way, Steve.

So the only thing I´ve done so far is follow the flow, and it´s taking me places I couldn´t have dreamed of. In only two days, I´ve traveled twisted mountain roads, ran trails at the foot of an active volcano spewing out fiery rocks, crossed the path of wild animals, witnessed wild pouring Cost Rican rain that clears out in fifteen minutes, ate delicious foods and met interesting people all along.

I am now sitting here, in Monteverde, village in the clouds, a cold Imperial at my side, while my friends are eating local cheese and avocado on fresh bread. And I honestly think my smile, in this moment, speaks volumes.

I´ll try and get back to you with more stories as I go, if I go, and when I go :)



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