January 5, 2010

Hoonneeeeyyyy!!! I'm baaaaa-aaaack!

Is that it? We bust our corporate asses all year long for a meager 12 days off? I want out!


Some of you know I spent most of my Holidays roasting my butt in Santiago de Cuba. Running by the sea, scuba diving, smoking fabulous Cuban cigars, meditating, napping. But most of all, enjoying the only life I think is worth living : a careless, warmer, slower, simpler, healthier, gentler pace.

You see, in my opinion there are some things in life that simply cannot be surrogated, replaced, compensated. Walking bare feet and living under the sun are two very good examples. I can't even come close to name something that can compensate for the lack of these two simple things in my North American, supposed high standard of a life.

Why is it that when I travel to tropical climates, my pace slows down? And don't serve me the "of course, you're on vacation" argument. I have been on vacation elsewhere and the feeling is different. Life down south makes me want to enjoy the fullness of nature and the blessings it brings. Tasty fruits, cozy nights, warm sunrays that reach under your skin.

It eliminates my well-integrated behavioral conditioning for consumption, exaggeration, accumulation of wealth. Is it possible we act like this because of the climate we were born in?

It draws me closer to people. It constantly reminds me where I come from. It charms me and warms my heart. It makes me want to quit everything and just stay there, linger, or better even; live the life I really want.

Being the proverbial Mr. Miniwheat, I of course know that this is utopic, at least for now. I wouldn't have enough money to sustain myself and would have to eventually come back to slave some more. Not an option.

What I do know, is that the perspective of switching lives for good under the sun is a definite option for the future. So much so, that it has become my only long-term objective. My reason to keep my job. To make (some) savings. It is something I look forward to, something that very well might be a totally new, exhilarating chapter of my life at a point when I'm sure it will be direly needed.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...

Ask Vez, Fat, Dan, my brother. We all share that same dream. A common place, a shared space under the sun to garden, nap, chat, cook, laugh and live together. A humble little spot, in the middle of a local community. Contributing, participating. Integrating ourselves into a new life. Maybe make a difference. Maybe just eat cocos and smile.

Until then, there will be at least music, wine, feasts, friends, flirts, long-awaited springs, BBQs... and this blog :)

Happy, fulfilling 2010 to you my friends!

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