December 22, 2009

Post-traumatic Christmas post

I started FlintLand 2 weeks ago because I like to write. And also because, since it has no specific purpose, it allows me to write about just anything I feel like. So understand my growing surprise of hearing all sorts of people comment on something they read in my blog.

Late last week, I went out with the most festive, Christmas-happy, Holiday-spirited person I know, for the much-awaited premiere of Avatar. I’d worked a trick or two to get my hands on a pair of tickets, which I got at the last minute. I felt very excited.

When I met her at the movie theatre, I was intrigued by something in her eyes. There was a vivid sparkle of excitement, of course, but also something else. A darker flipside. I frowned.

“I’m not even going to start reacting to your sorry blog post about Christmas”, she said, with the look of a disappointed mother who bails her kid out of jail for the first time (not that I would know what that look is, actually, I’m, eehhrrr just making metaphores up as I go...). Mocking my voice, she goes on. “Huuuuuh, I don’t like Christmas”. “Christmas sucks”. “I’m Mister Screeeewdge”.

None of the sorry mumbling I mustered as an answer seemed to help my cause.

With firm determination, my newly-discovered Christmas Crusader proceeded to voice out her vigorous disagreement with my anti-holiday...ness. So out of arguments and desperate to restore the peace in my feisty firecracker papillote of a date, I promised I would write... something else about the Holidays.

And Christmas - Ahem, sorry the evening, was saved.

This is not an apology, Jocelyn Saurini :)



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