December 8, 2009

Welcome to FlintLand!

I have been thinking alot about creating a little home on the Internet, and decided to finally do it. So welcome to my place :)

I'll need a bit of time to populate it with roaming thoughts, but rest assured this won't stay a blank page for long.

I'll share all sorts of things here, travel stories, pics, movie and videogame reviews, outings in Montreal, weekend adventures and probably many, many more other random things.

I will always assume absolutely nobody's going to be reading this blog. And I find that awesome :)




  1. Weyons ciboire, ton blogue a mangé mon message.

    Je te disais, premièrement, Yay!!!, et deuxièmement, salut de ton premier (et sûrement dernier) lecteur du Laos. :)

  2. I wonder if you ever dreamed that one of your blog posts (at least one, I don't know of more) would become an internet meme, passed around facebook like wildfire. So that total strangers would be discovering you. :)

  3. Clickerbug: not in my wildest dreams ;)

    But what matters most is the *almost* daily messages and comments I get from so many people out there who say this text inspired them to make changes to their lives and to opt for a healthier lifestyle, some of which with truly outstanding results!

    It makes my day, every day :)

    Thanks for the kind words,