December 9, 2009

Snowing, snowing...

... as my NeedyExWife, like she now likes to call herself, used to sing :)

Well, here it is. First snowstorm of the winter. Funny how it's become such a big deal, ain't it? Radio stations going crazy with their weather alerts, schools closing preemptively... can't help but think it's in line with the fear tactics being used for everything nowadays. Good thing, probably, because one day people are bound to see through the manipulation and start asking for a new attitude.

Until then...


  1. la définion de "tempête" a beaucoup changé depuis les 25 dernières années...

  2. C'est bien vrai!

    Je vais sonner comme un vieux mononcle, mais "dans l'temps", personne ne s'excitait les neurones en bas de 40 cm de neige, pis encore...

    On est en mal de sensations.

  3. Sur le front d'un journal ou encore en premiere nouvelle du téléjournal, c'est plus vendeur "tempête" que "accumulation"