June 14, 2016

The Man You Never Met

I could never trash your letter.
You did well to send it.
Please don't be a mess,
As you step away,
You're doing so well.

The word you used isn't too strong
Because I felt it, too.
What we exchanged, no one else knows.
It was real and intimate and beautiful.

I want to thank you,
But I also want to hold you,
Tell you everything will be OK,
Support you and walk with you,
For a while.

Then I realize;
I am what you don't need in how I live my life
I also am everything you long for, maybe,
But I want to suggest something new.
What if I'm just a mirror of what's already inside of you?

Your hope holds such power
It actually feels like it triggered
The very reason why we never met.
You called it fate, I call it flow.

I stand with you now,
And will for a long time.

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