April 13, 2016

Worlds Apart

To anyone else, it seems we are worlds apart.
What is it that brought us together?
It was always so simple.
All it took was a look and a smile.

Do you hear my dreams of you?
Can you sense me, reaching out?
Can you feel my hand, still cradled in yours?
Or my breath on your neck?

All we ever needed was a starry night,
A quiet moment, just lying still,
Whispering in each other's ear.
I should have stayed.

I look at you now and I tremble,
Not out of fear, or discomfort.
My hands get cold and I shiver,
Because I can't hold you close.

I told you almost instantly,
Like I knew it from before,
The stir I feel and can't explain.
You are a storm.

In a moment, I fear my words can't be enough.
"I understand you just fine", you say.
And you smile, lovingly.

Then we do what we do best
Peer into each other's eyes
Finding without words
What some spend lifetimes yearning for.

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