March 11, 2016


There are words I'm not supposed to speak.

Within me lives a song that will not be sung. It echoes feelings rooted so deep that I can't help them. They come from beyond a single lifetime, intertwined in a fabric I can only imagine. A flow of events and connections, of kept promises and unbreakable bonds. An eternal embrace that endures time and space.

There is a light that was woken on the first time our eyes met. It shines and radiates far beyond you and me, for any one with open eyes to see. It is soft and pure, yet it holds the power of a hundred suns. Like an ancient music, it vibrates and fills the air with meaning and purpose, it spurs life and repels darkness. It calls to me.

The attraction I have for you is so much more than flesh and spirit, it comes from my soul straight to yours. It is unexplainable and mysterious, confusing and irresistible. It makes life worth living, just at the simple sight of you, smiling tenderly.

I don't know what magic makes being with you so comfortable, intimate and wholesome, but I cherish every moment we spend together like a treasure. You dissolve anger, anguish and distress with a simple touch that reaches deep within me, comforts me and reminds me I will never be alone.

It doesn't matter that life has been such that I can't hold you in my arms and spend every waking moment with you. I carry you within me all the time, from the everyday humdrum to my wildest adventures. You are my treasure.

I've grown convinced of one thing; there is a place and time where we are inseparable. A dimension where nothing was in the way, where everything was possible. We somehow recognized it, we seized this amazing chance with open hearts and we wake up everyday together, in each other's arms, wondering why we can't help but smile. And you are my everything and I can't even believe that you've chosen me, yet when I look into your deep, magnificent eyes, I see your soul embracing mine with all its might.

There are times when my heart cries and yearns because this is not the life path I was given. There are days when I feel like screaming, casting myself away forever in an attempt to break the curse. There are moments of genuine despair where nothing seems to make sense anymore and I feel disoriented, astray and sinking into an abyss. Then, every time, through synchronicities and coincidences, life seems to bring us together again, so close that nothing can touch us for the most fleeting of moments. And the light shines again, ever brighter.

These words I can't say, I let out into the open. They are not mine to keep, so I offer them to you. They are a gift of purity and there is nothing else I can imagine to show how you make life richer for all who are lucky enough to be around you. You are the most absolutely wonderful woman I ever met.

From times immemorial I've loved you, and forever will.

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  1. Sunrise, sunset.
    Sunrise, sunset.
    Swiftly go the days.
    Sunrise, sunset.
    You wake up, then you undress.
    It always is the same.
    The sunrise and the sunsets.
    You are lying while you confess, keep trying to explain.
    The sunrise and the sunsets
    You realize then you forget what you've been trying to retain.
    But everybody knows that it is all about the things
    That get stuck inside of your head,
    Like the songs your roommate sings
    Or a vision of her body as she stretches out on your bed.
    She raised her hands in the air, asked you,
    When was the last time you looked in the mirror?
    Cause you've changed.
    Yeah, you've changed.
    Sunrises, sunsets.
    You're hopeful then you regret.
    The circle never breaks.
    With a sunrise and a sunset there's a change of heart or address.
    Is there nothing that remains?
    For a sunrise or a sunset.
    You're manic or you're depressed.
    Will you ever feel ok?
    For a sunrise or a sunset, your lover is an actress.
    Did you really think she'd stay?
    For a sunrise or a sunset.
    You're either coming or you just left but you're always on the way.
    Towards a sunrise or a sunset, a scribble or a sonnet.
    They are really just the same.
    To the sunrise and the sunset.
    The master and his servant have exactly the same fate.
    It's a sunrise and a sunset.
    From a cradle to a casket.
    There is no way to escape.
    The sunrise and the sunset.
    Hold your sadness like a puppet, keep putting on the play.
    But everything you do is leading to the point
    Where you just won't know what to do.
    And at that moment you may laugh
    But there is someone there who will be laughing louder than you.
    So it's true, the trick is complete.
    Become everything you said you never would be.
    You're a fool! You're a fool!
    Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset.
    Sunrise and the sunsets.
    Sunrise, sunset, sunrises, sunsets.
    Sunrise and the sunsets.
    Sunrise, sunset.
    Go home to your apartment
    And put the cassette in the tape deck and let that fever play.
    Sunrise, sunset.
    Where are you Arienette?
    Where are you Arienette?