January 20, 2016

Through Light and Darkness

May your life be a road you travel, a path you set yourself on with honesty and a sense of amazement. Its twists and turns, hills up and down, reminding you that it’s not the destination you’re looking for, but the journey itself.

May your hardships serve as powerful teachers of humility and determination, delivering empathy and kindness for your fellow Humans and creating an almost overwhelming propension to help others, reach out and share the difficulties we all face.

May the solace you provide others be reflected upon you in times of loneliness, loss or despair, reminding you of the bond of kinship which unites us all and makes us larger than the sum of our individual parts.

May you gain strength and courage in the form of quietness and non-violence, inspiring others to explore paths of non-confrontation and dialogue, even in the hardest of situations. Let the wrinkles on your face and the scars on your heart bear witness to a life of seeking betterment in all things.

May your body and your soul reflect each other in health, clarity and openness.

We are Humans.

We are seekers.

We are One.

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