November 5, 2015


Look to the sky.

Fill your eyes with the bluest of blues and lose your thoughts in the immensity of the air that surrounds you.

Touch the earth.

Root yourself through the fallen leaves, the rocks and the trickling water. Connect with the silent force that holds you, nourishes you and provides, for all.

Feel the fire.

Sense the radiating heat and enjoy the warm, comforting light. Stare deep into it and hear the roar of the passionate flames as they devour and consume everything to silent ashes.

Breathe the wind.

Take inside the pure air that has been to mountains and oceans and deserts and plains. Be nourished by the flow of life it carries and let your dreams soar, carried on the back of its playful gusts.

Be one.

Reach outwards and make a connection. Realize you are a living, breathing, flowing, loving being and celebrate your part in a Circle that is perfect, wholesome and holy.

Do this and you will obtain a reflection that is beautiful, complete and in balance. Do this and you will get a reflection of yourself.

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