June 9, 2015

Underfoot Musings

I love an open road, full of promises. A trailhead, running under the cover of trees to unknown adventures. A pathway, meandering to secret hideouts, to oases of peace away from the usual turmoil.

I love an empty bench, with its invitation to conversation. A pile of rocks, sitting over a stream that sings its soft watery song on a hot afternoon. A fallen trunk, leaning over the mossy greens, reminding you the importance of contemplation.

I love the roots that twist and turn, linking the Earth to the Sky. The sleepy low plants that stretch under Old Man trees, blending their youth to ancestral wisdom. Mushrooms so clean that sprouted through thick layers of decaying leaves from past seasons.

I love myself when I connect with these thoughts. I love Nature for the treasures she lays before me. I love my body for providing the movement needed for this meditation.

I love the World a little more when I travel it by foot.

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