December 19, 2014

5 Things I'm Not Doing For Christmas

I'm a couple hours away from pulling the plug at the office and enjoying two weeks of absolute dirtbag delight, at last! As I'm slowly drifting further from my responsibilities, I thought I'd remind myself of a few, very important things. So here's my Holiday's NOT To Do List :)

1. Plan
I refuse to plan anything. I don't care what date or time it is. I am going to daydream the living lights out of every day, and savour my stillness.

2. Binge on food
Seriously. What the hell is wrong with us? Where did the idea of fun from overeating come from? Rather, I'll take copious amounts of time shopping for ingredients and preparing delicious meals I don't always the time for when I'm in the rat race we call daily life.

3. Buy stuff
The last thing I need is... more things. If and when I buy new stuff, I remove other stuff first and, if possible, I remove more than I add. Concrete example : to my great dismay, my XBox 360 blew up dead a couple days ago. I relunctantly replaced it with the newer model (No point in replacing a product that is planned to be obsolete in a year or so), but in doing so I sold all the games I had, gave away all the extra accessories and basically emptied my gaming drawer. Since the new machine also plays DVDs, I am giving away my DVD player to someone who needs it.

4. Shop
Chances are you probably have gone to a shopping mall or a big store lately. Have you noticed the insanity? Frenzied, stressed out people running all over the place like their pants are on fire. No thanks.

5. Work
The biggest risk of staying home instead of travelling is getting caught up in trying to do things around the house that you never get to do. Unless it's some sort of fun or it allows me to improve quality of life, I'm not going to get drowned in little tasks that'll gnaw away at my off time.

6. Follow through
I want to allow myself to not finish anything I don't feel li

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