October 10, 2013

Review : Skechers GoRun Meb Speed

  • Type : Neutral shoe
  • Use : Road running
  • Price : 110$

Meb Keflezighi is seriously fast. He's been working with Skechers for a while now, first in designing the GoRun and then his own signature shoe, which resembles a racing flat version of the typical Skechers models. The shoe is low, super light and looks like it's on fire. Will it make me faster?

Road Test
My favorite Skechers shoe, design-wise, was the GoBionic. I thought it offered the lightest, fastest feel of the family - until I tried the Meb Speed. This shoe is very, very light, but it offers some interesting features which add a certain stiffness to it that I really like.

I took my Meb's out for several shorter runs on road and concrete pathways. They are light and feel fast, just like agressive racing flats. They offer a little bit more cushioning, too, which makes me thing they would be a better choice for a longer run, like a road ultra.

Once again, the Resalyte sole material delivers fully, as it offers great flexibility and proprioception, yet cushions your foot just enough for great comfort. The overall weight of the Meb Speed is a featherly 6 oz and the upper fabric feels breathy and light.

The outsole features a pod system called GoImpulse Sensors that resembles other Skechers models, but is much lower and less in the way. The big difference with the Meb Speed is the «stability plate» located under the arch, which attracted some negative comments from other runners and bloggers. In all honesty, I can't even feel it; the only thing that bugs me a little bit is the gaping hole under the plate, which acts as a rock sucker. But other than that, the shoe feels awesome.

The Meb Speed is a fine addition to Skechers' line of running shoes. It offers the best of a racing flat while still featuring minimal cushioning for long road rides. The fit is perfect and the shoe feels fast and solid. This is definitely my new shoe of choice for road racing. On a slightly irrelevant sidenote, I wore my Meb Speed's for a desert ultra marathon a couple weeks ago... and they are not a trail shoe.

High points
  • Resalyte. 'Nuff said.
  • Light and fast
  • Solid feel

Low points
  • Outsole hole is a rock sucker

The equipment for this personal review was supplied by Skechers, free of charge, without any conditions.


  1. Great review, thanks. How's the toe box compared to the GoBionic? Wider, narrower? Enough space?

  2. Hhhhmmm... It's a little narrower. I've said it elsewhere, but it's important to mention it again; I have thin feet. Shoes like La Sportiva and Saucony fit me well. Toe box is rarely an issue for me, although I appreciate some room in the front of the shoe, which the GoRun Meb provides.

    The biggest comparison point with the GoBionic is the arch plate. The Meb has more structure because of it, and some runners disliked that. The original GoBionic was 100% flexible.