October 19, 2013

Review : Emergen-C Immune + Mix

  • Type : Nutrition / hydration
  • Use : Dietary supplement / Running fuel
  • Price : $18 for 30-packet box

As part of a prize package at Hunter Gatherer in Texas, I received a box of Emergen-C Immune +Mix. The idea is that it boosts your immunity while delivering an extra dose of vitamins and minerals, three things any distance racer should consider in their nutrition / hydration startegy.

I dissolved a packet in water and was pleased with the taste and the refreshing feel of the fizziness. It is hard to actually tell exactly what benefits I received from the product and the website, although hilarious (It has phrases like «Get a dose of Kapow!») does not provide a lot of hints as to what exactly, aside from the supplement itself, the benefit of the mix might be.

I do know for a fact that an overdose of vitamins is rarely harmful and that any unused volume of it will end up where it should be, filtered by your kidneys. Runners need a lot of vitamin C, which Emergen-C packs up. I am not so sure about the vitamin D, since we spend so much time outside; this is something that made me think the immune mix is probably not a running-specific product.

However, if there are immune system benefits to the product, this would be a good thing; endurance runners are always more at risk of catching a cold or some other ailment after a long event; boosting your immune system after such an event is definitely a good idea.

I will keep experimenting with Emergen-C, but will focus its use mostly on post-run drinks as an immunity booster.

High points
  • Tastes good
  • A shot of fizzy drink always feels better than a pill
  • Boosting your immune system after a long run is a good idea

Low points
  • Hard to tell if product really works
  • Several ingredients (beta glucans, arabinogalactans) are not explained and sound like they come from outer space

1 comment:

  1. I recently got a free sample of Emergen-C® Vitamin Drink Mix from Smiley 360 and must say that I absolutely love this product. My favorite flavor so far id Coconut-Pineapple. Emergen C helps support your immune system which is very helpful during these winter times