August 29, 2013

Review : Bison Safety Bracelet

  • Type : Utility / Survival
  • Use : Any outdoor activity
  • Price : $10

I meet a lot of runners in my travels, so I get the chance to talk about and check out a lot of gear. While on a run last week, I mentioned I carry an emergency kit in the bladder pouch of my running vest. A runner then told me “I don’t, but at least I have a Bison Bracelet”. Naturally, I got curious.

Bison products are made of braided para-cords, which you can undo in case of trouble. The bracelet, when completely undone, measures 10 to 12 feet depending on the wrist size you chose (small to large). They feature all sorts of colors, from straight black to flashy fluo.

Trail Test
I bought a bracelet and started wearing it both casually and on my trail runs. Although the braided cord makes it a little thick and rigid, it is light enough that you will forget you're wearing it. The plastic clip system lets you put it on and take it off at will, which means you can wear it only when you go out to play. It is unaffected by sweat and I got it wet a couple times and it stayed in perfect shape.

I think the Bison bracelet is an awesome concept for anyone who ventures out in the wild. It can be used as-is on your wrist or as a strap to hold gear on a backpack. Two clipped together would make a great dog collar, too. And if you ever get in trouble while on an adventure, you simply undo the para-cord and use it to fix gear, as a tie-down, replacement laces, for first-aid or any other situation. At $10 a piece, you won’t fret at using it, either.

Bison products are the kind of equipment any serious outdoors person will want handy. They are cheap, solid, won’t take any space in your backpack or running vest and could get you out of trouble and even save your life in an emergency. Knowing how trail runners hate to bring extra weight and bulk on their runs in the woods, this is one piece of gear even the most minimalist person out there can afford to bring. It’s wearable safety.

High Points
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy
  • Won’t take any space in a backpack or vest
  • Can make a real difference in an emergency

Low points
  • Some might find it thick
  • Once you open it, you’ll need a new one
    UPDATE : Actually not true, see comments below


  1. salut Fran├žois,

    Can be redone once opened:


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