June 16, 2013

My New Life

It's been less than 48 hours, and so far it feels like I'm just enjoying a regular weekend. But the reality is slowly sinking in: I am a free man and I will roam around for a year without a house, a job or any responsibility. I'm a hobo. And it feels awesome.

As the stress and worries of my regular worker life slowly fade away, I am starting to look forward to my first adventures. Just to give you some idea of what I'll be doing and where I'll be going, here's a little list of places I will go to and events I'll be attending.

Flying to Paris on the 21, and running my first race in the middle of the City of Lights. I might head to Istanbul after, to visit the legendary, bustling city.

Headed over to Montana to meet Hurricane Leslie and discover the mountain trails of one of the few states I haven't yet visited. I might help out with the movie, too.

14: Water is Life 50K with the Hopi of Arizona
21: Javelina Jangover Night Trail Race, Arizona

5: Hunter - Gatherer Survival Run, Texas
12: Canyon de Chelly 55K with the Navajo of Arizona
26: Javelina Jundred 100-mile, Arizona

9: Eric Orton's ultra running camp with Fuego Y Agua - Nicaragua

1: Copper Canyons of Mexico
9: Rarajipare in Urique, the annual Raramuri ball race event

8: Fuego Y Agua 100K, Nicaragua

2: Ultra Marathon Caballo Blanco, Mexico

In between all that, I'm planning visits to Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, California and several other places to meet some of my running family and to run with some great, inspiring people. I will be writing stories all along, so hopefully you get to share the adventures, elation and challenges of a wanderer's life :)

Roam free.

Run free.

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  1. Congrats on your new life and enjoy it brother!

    Is it in your plan to go to Versailles and run in the gigantic garden behind the castle ? A lot of space, cleaner air and a lot to discover. Also, it is so big that despite the number of people, there is a relative quietness and privacy in most part of it.

    Have fun and enjoy your new freedom,