May 31, 2013

El Capitan : Flintify!

Today is a very special day for me. This morning, I left my flat and closed the door behind me, for the very last time. I am now a homeless person.

I had to store away most of my belongings and leave behind some things I very much love, like my cigar humidor and my collection of crafts from around the world.

Upon stepping down the porch, I felt the urge to do something seemingly irrelevant and futile; I wanted to make sure El Capitan is really mine. I wanted to make sure it looked like me. So I decorated it. El Capitan got Flintified :)

For your viewing pleasure :

This is how El Capitan looks as of this morning. No more step boards, no roof racks, no frills.

Every vehicle I own gets plastered with stickers. It makes them unique and homey.

I could not have left home without my Caballo Blanco front plate and my Sweeney shovel.
Also of note; a sea turtle tattoo for the hood :)

When I was done, I realized that this was an important step for me. It's a statement. This means my home is everywhere. This means I am actively living the life I envision for myself.

This means I'm free.


  1. Awesome, so jealous...looking forward to following your many adventures! Great luck! Lorraine.

  2. Yay! Let the adventures begin! Happy traveling and running. :-)

  3. Rockin'! Let's go a-travelin', shall we? Can't wait to read your adventures!