April 29, 2013

Please Stop Smoking

I really like you. I don’t only recognize you as another human being, I specifically like you. You’re unique, spunky, brilliant and a very nice person overall. It makes me smile to know you’re around.

Please don’t light another cigarette. Every time you do, it takes a little away from you. Ever so slowly, it drains your living breath, the strength of your health and the marvelous capabilities of your body to regenerate, to stave off illness, to thrive. It grays out your skin, like it grays out my hopes for your well-being. It fades you away.

I beg of you. Don’t inhale that poison disguised as a little break or a small treat. It was designed, refined and marketed to enslave your brain, to mistake its pervasive devastation with a false sense of pleasure. It is meticulously killing you.

All the other things you envision for your health are methodically destroyed every time you take your two fingers to your lips. Your sleep isn’t as restorative; your conscious efforts at better nutrition are leveled to nothing; your attention to being physically active is annulled. And a thin layer of a deathly residue is applied inside of you. Every single time.

Please don’t wait for physical signs to show up, emerging outside of you to mirror the extent of the damage being done inside. This is the only body you’ll ever have, and it is the carrier of your life, your spirit and your whole self.

You still have many challenges ahead of you. To surmount them, you need strength, determination and vital energy. They all lie in you, but they are slowly being taken away, every time you draw a puff instead of taking a breath of fresh air.

Please find the will to take a first step. Place yourself ahead of everything, and prepare for a fight. You can do this. Start it in your head before, if you need, before you embody it. But go get your life force back. There is nothing more important than this. Make this your first move.


Stop smoking.


  1. I stopped smoking 15 years ago. And it felt like I had been enslaved, like the chains were finally unlocked. With time it gets easier. Today, I wouldn't even consider taking a single drag. The desire leaves, and way, way, way before 15 years! Nice piece. I hope that it gives someone the push needed to quit.

  2. I quit smoking 25 years ago at the age of 40 and took up trail running. I'm convinced it's the best move I ever made. There's a good way to stop without any withdrawal symptoms and it's this:
    Week 1 - no smoking before 8am
    Week 2 - no smoking before 9am
    Week 3 - no smoking before 10am
    Week 4 - no smoking before 11am
    . . . and so on until you get to 12midnight. Then you've stopped. It really works! Try it. And good luck.

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  4. To effectively quit smoking, one should have the determination and concentration to do so. As you can see, smoking is a bad habit that was created psychologically. It was built up in our mind that we need to smoke, which makes it hard for a smoker to stop. Thanks to some programs, such as “Smoking Hypnosis”, quitting the habit is a tad easier.

  5. I'm glad that I came across someone like you who is an anti-smoking advocate. It's good to know that you got good response on this blog post too. Well, we can't force someone to stop smoking instantly. We have to give them time to give up this habit. There are programs and treatments being offered to those individuals who find it hard to quit. The only thing a person need is motivation and conviction. He has to help himself first before anyone else.

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  6. yes we know smoking is not good. Recomended is to Stop Smoking Naturally