August 10, 2012

New Series : The Lee Saxby Running Method

There's a lot of debate in the running community about running technique. More and more people have come out saying they have found the "ideal" way of running, promising everything from increased speed to the end of injuries.

Although I am far from convinced that there is a single right way to run, I also know that there are some basic principles at the core of a sound running technique that can help improve performance and keep injuries at bay.

So when I was invited, a couple weeks back, to attend a clinic based on coach Lee Saxby's method given by Canadian runner Tina Dubois, I was both curious and excited. I was offered the chance to attend the presentation of the theory, to get my own running form analyzed and to get some physical training exercises to help improve my form.

In a new series of articles starting next week, I will introduce you to coach Tina Dubois, go over the Lee Saxby method and share my posture analysis and following recommendations.

You're invited to post your questions and comments along the way, and Tina will join in the conversation.

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