March 29, 2012

Running With Caballo Blanco

Ever wondered what it's like to run free in the Copper Canyons, among friends?

Here's a little bit of how it's been, for me :)


  1. Flint...this is such a great and inspiring video! And has me in tears on this sad sad day. What a beautiful place-I'm so glad you got to experience it and Micah. When I had heard that Caballo had incorporated shorter races in with the origional it made going to the Copper Canyons more of a reality to me. Still hope I can get there someday...and I hope this race lives on to help the Raramuri.
    When I have more time I would love to go back and read much more of your blog. As a newish to running -minimalist shoe wearing type, I am always up for some inspiration....Be well...

    1. Friend,
      Here's what Micah would tell you : the canyons are not about him, they are a shrine of nature and a magical place of enlightenment. The Raramuri will live on and perpetuate their traditions. If you, as many, are inspired by them, go there and express peace, hope, love and respect.