October 11, 2011

A New Look And A Mission

A New FlintLand

After almost 2 years of Flintland, I thought it was time to refresh things a little bit so I am proud to present you with the new look of the site. As the readership grows and the exposure rises, I felt the change in aesthetics should reflect the change this blog has undergone since its humble beginnings.

I hope it will please you and make you return here often. It's always nice to know you hang around :)

The "Contribute To The Dream" Campaign

A couple weeks ago, I announced that I will be running the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon in 2012, one of my life's greatest dreams. Additionally to running with the people who have inspired me to run free, I will get an exceptional chance to try and make a difference for the Raramuri People of the Canyons by bringing donations directly to them for local projects. I have already sent a sum of my own, and now I am inviting you to Contribute To The Dream. Please spare a couple dollars to help the dreamer and his dream!

Click here to donate today!

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