August 2, 2011

An Armor Of Words

I am an armor of words.
Wear me when you are unsure, shaken, afraid.
I am invisible
Because you made me;
I am indestructible
Because I come from inside of you.

I hold the strength of rock
I cannot be broken.
I possess uncorrupted light
Which prevails over darkness;
I beam with the truth
That will overcome deceit.

I flow from a clear mind,
Sharp and pure;
I form a perfect shield
No harm can traverse.

I come to you as a gift
From friends immemorial.
I am calm and serene;
I am a beacon of peace.

I know no aggression,
I shield you from it;
I am a safe haven
All around you.

I will never fail
I cannot wither
I have no weakness
I am eternal.

You cannot lose me.
From this day forward,
I will remain engraved inside,
Unforgotten, indelible.

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