May 12, 2011

Little Things

I like when she hugs me and leaves a subtle scent of her perfume.

I like when the first thing she does in the morning is get close to me and give me a soft kiss.

I like that she touches me a lot and caresses my neck.

I like to sit next to her and read, when all’s gone quiet in the house.

I like to drag her back in bed when she’s dressing up.

I like the tiny smiley looks she gives me that no one else notices.

I like to draw little colourful things on her chalkboard in the kitchen.

I like that she’s happily letting me help in my own weird, disorganized way.

I like to text her 3,000 times in the day just to say “Hi” or “I love you”.

I like the little notes she puts on my kitchen counter when she leaves for work.

I like that she knows all my little secrets and cherishes them.

I like that she left a little space in her wardrobe just for me to put my stuff.

I like that she left a big space in her life for me to squeeze in.

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