September 9, 2010

A Minute

Give me a minute. You need a sleepy kiss just there, on the crease at the base of your neck. Just a little minute. And the day’s not even fully up, yet. And I’m not ready to move. And your arms are not letting me anyway, and the tips of your fingers are still playing on my back.

And I want a little tiny fraction of time, stolen from what we’re supposed to do. And I’ll stretch the rest of the day to make for it. And no one will notice.

And there’s still time because I’m not in such a hurry. And the most important thing I need to do, right now, is lie here with you and smile and play and wake you up gently and hug you good morning.

And I’ll get up when you open your eyes, and you haven’t done that yet. You keep them closed and smile and move closer and nudge my chest with your nose and smile some more.

And you make me happy.

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