June 22, 2010

State of Fear

We live in a state of fear that is seeded into us
A paranoïa that infiltrates our most intimate thoughts
It is a carefully crafted campaign
With stylish colours and catchy themes

It shred the values we held common
Shrouds the fact we’re all humans
It fragments our very fabric
Turns us into cowards and hypocrits

With aggression being the new diplomacy
We close our minds and refuse to see
We’ve become fearful, preemptive
Judgmental, apprehensive

There’s no war against terror
Only the will to conquer
There’s no freeing the people
When you call them collateral

We lost count of the bodies
Call them war casualties
Funny, I find nothing casual
In a fallen 20-year-old

Of course we ignore the other side
The terrorists, the bad guys
So comfortable in this black-and-white
The enemy can’t be right

They’re a Regime, they’re islamists
They’re fanatics, they’re jihadists
Armed to the teeth, desperate and deadly
Living in the shadows, cruel and bloodthirsty

Why are there then, by the thousands
Mass graves of innocent civilians?
The ones we’re supposed to free
In our heroic fight for liberty?

The fact is they never counted
They’re being disposed of, discarded
They just stand in the way
Of the Empire’s necessities

I can’t think or live like this
Facing the fact I’m powerless
This is becoming heavy, this is becoming deep
I’ll just shut the TV and go back to sleep.


  1. Where do you find time to work with all this writing?!?! BTW you gotz some mad writing skillz!

  2. Thanks man :)

    In all honesty, most texts take me only a couple minutes to write. But each makes me feel like taking a splinter off of myself!